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Jeanne Rose Herbal BodyWorks

Bruise Juice...brand-new Bruise Juice available now, for all your painful parts!

~ a fabulous old time healing oil from 1450.  Hand made by Jeanne Rose since 1969 to the present.  Used for aches, pains, bruises, shingles & sports hurt. 3.8% essential oil.

Since Bruise Juice is a 2-week project to make, we are limiting the sales to those who have purchased it before or to any new customers who wish to add a bottle to their order of courses, or books.

From the Articles Archives please read: Broken Ribs & Bruise Juice Bruise Pain Care

1 quart bottle. $142.00

8 ounce bottle. $42.00

Call Today
to get your bottle of Bruise Juice!

*Only available by
Pick-up in San Francisco. Cash Only.

Copper Stills and
Essential Oils
Herbal Knowledge
Training Kits
Advanced 28 Vocabulary of Odor© Kit
Basic 7 Vocabulary of Odor© Kit



The heaven aroma of the Meditation Kit was just what I remember. It  got me through the emotional time after my Dad died. The Frankincense and Galbanum eased my  grief and uplifted me. No other Frankincense has had the same lift and aroma as yours. Blessings on your work. Linda H


I fell in a locker room, and suffered a compression fracture of the coccyx. I'm 78 years old, and after trying several pain-killers (with side-effects), I began to rub your wonderful Bruise Juice on my back 3 or 4 times daily. Relief was almost immediate and lasted several hours, without any of the malaise the painkillers had caused! I attended a workshop of yours – “Therapeutic Uses of Essential Oils” in MI, and you said I was the first student you had who was older than you. Thanks for the Bruise Juice!
B. 2008

Aromatherapy Kits
Each kit contains pure, undiluted therapeutic quality essential oils in 4 ml. size. Many include a
laminated card which tells how to use each oil.  The Jeanne Rose Aromatherapy Kits are the perfect
size for purse, pocket, car, travel, or medicine chest. Each is beautifully packaged in a hand-crafted tapestry bag, the laminated cards contain full directions in using the oils for your well-being.
Each Kit has a Special Essential Oil in it that is worth the price of the entire kit.

Essential Oil Training Kits
  The following kits are Specialty Kits, they are Training Kits  to train people how to use the Specialty oils that are not available on the open market.

Advanced 28 Vocabulary of Odor© Kit

These 28 pure natural oils and accords is primarily a training kit. They are 3 ml each of 50•50 aromatics in organic neutral spirits. They include many exotic specials to train your senses to perceive odors and can be used as already aged base or accord notes in your natural botanical perfumery work. They are ready for you to use. Included is a set of the work sheets for ease of use.

$425 includes 28 vials of Pure Essential Oils in neutral spirits packaged in a box or in a Handcrafted Tapestry Bags in a delightful pattern, and worksheets.


Basic 7 ~ The Vocabulary of Odor©
For learning odor names, practicing blending or as a scent reference tool.  

Contains 7 blends of essential oils;
Floral, Fruity, Citrus, Green/Vegetative, Woody,
Herbaceous/Camphoraceous, Spicy.

Perfect tool for use by Blending Students.  $75.00
 please read: Basic 7 - The Vocabulary of Odor©


(no refunds on kits or oils)


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