Broken Ribs & Bruise Juice

by Bryan L. Moore

I have played lacrosse for the last fifteen years and during that time I have only had two injuries that prevented me from playing in any games. In late September, 2003, I played in a lacrosse tournament in Las Vegas. During the first game I was speared from behind in my lower back. I did not feel any pain but did have a considerable amount of stiffness into the night and next day. While waiting for my flight I stretched out with my arms above my head. I heard a pop in the area where I had been hit the previous day. From then on I was in a considerable amount of pain.

It hurt to laugh, cough, sneeze and even breathe hard. Upon returning to Arizona I made an appointment to the sports medicine physician at the University of Arizona. I was x-rayed and I was diagnosed as having two broken ribs and my floating rib had been dislocated. My injury had occurred on a Friday and I had been diagnosed on a Monday. The doctor informed me that there is no proactive treatment for fractured ribs. I was instructed to do as little activity as possible. According to the doctor I would be unable to participate in athletic activity for up to six weeks. Though the diagnosis was prudent, it was unacceptable to me. I would go “crazy” if I was unable to be active for eight weeks. My mother has made a product called Bruise Juice since 1969. This infused therapeutic oil is made of dozens of freshly picked and infused herbs with the addition of 3.8% essential oils. It has a long time reputation for healing or helping to heal all sorts of physical injuries, sunburn, cuts, bruises, etc. It was ‘invented’ from a formula that my mother had found in an herbal text that dates from 1668. She made it when she had been injured in an automobile accident and had broken several ribs and was paralyzed on the upper right side of her body. In the early ‘70s it was even used by professional trainers of horses to reduce inflammation or injuries from racing. Mother sent me some Bruise Juice.

I started applying Bruise Juice around the area that had been injured on the Tuesday after my diagnosis in the hopes that my recovery time would be reduced. At best I thought I would reduce my recovery time by a week or two. I used it every evening right before I went to bed. By the following Tuesday I started doing my regular evening run. I still was not able to do any pushups or sit-ups but I was amazed at the progress of my healing. I was able return the regular workout by the third week after my injury. Instead of not being able to participate in athletics for six weeks, I was able to start running after one week and was able to be fully active within 4 weeks. I believe that my speedy recovery was due to two factors. First, I believed in my recovery and my ability to heal. Secondly and no less important was my regular use of Bruise Juice.


Author Bio: Bryan L. Moore is a dedicated Lacrosse player, and a senior at the University of Arizona majoring in Regional Development.

Source for Bruise Juice: Herbal BodyWorks, 219 Carl St., San Francisco, CA 94117. Order phone number 415/564-6785.

"I gave blood on Saturday.  The tech person poked through the vein and it
immediately swelled bigger than my thumb.  When I got home I put bruise
juice on it, liberally.  There was almost no bruising, and today I can
hardly see it at all.  The other arm they finally got the pint out of is
more bruised that the arm that swelled!  Good stuff!" -- E.T.

Bruise Juice

This product is a Jeanne Rose original that has been in production since 1969. Periodically and in season, fresh herbs, barks, root, spices, conifer needles, garden plants are picked and infused with Calendula flowers in oil or directly infused into S Olive oil. The infusion takes at least 3 days and often longer depending on the action of the herbs in the oil.

When Jeanne determines that the plants have left their essence and properties in the oil, the pot is briefly heated and allowed to cool and the herbs separate away via decanting and straining. The oil is then left in a cool dark place for a week or so, to allow the oil to separate into layers — watery layer on the bottom composed of some of the water extracted from the plants, the thin central layer is residue composed of dirt particles and impurities and on top is the clear, green, rich herbal oil infusion. The pot is briefly chilled to solidify the watery and the residue layers; the oil is then decanted off into a clean container.  

Now 3-4 ounces of pure essential oil is added to the gallon of green oil. Essentials such as Tea Tree, Plai, Tasmanian Lavender, Ravensara and Petitgrain may be chosen, depending on the time and season of the year. The essential oils are incorporated, the container is separated into quart sized bottles and the Bruise Juice is ready for the public!

Get some now while it is fresh and potent.415/564-6785

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