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Jeanne Rose Aromatherapy, jeannerose, herbal studies classes, aromatherapy first aid kits, Jeanne Rose is the author of 22 books on herbs and aromatherapy.  Most recently, Jeanne authored "375 Essential Oils & Hydrosols" which is a complete reference book of 375 aromatic plant extracts and hydrosols with phytochemical, clinical and botanical indices.
She has released several booklets since 2006.  

Requests for professional or promotional appearances by Jeanne Rose can be made by mail or by emailing Info@JeanneRose.net.

Jeanne Rose travels throughout the United States and Canada during the fall and spring of each year to teach Aromatherapy and Herb Classes on various aspects of aromatherapy as well as Aromatherapy Certification Courses.  During the summer she travels throughout California distilling aromatic plants and giving distillation classes in the art of distillation.

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Ms. Rose is personally available for both Herb and Aromatherapy Consultations on many subjects for both individuals and business.  This includes the growing, distillation and use of true essential oil plants and the production of hydrosols and essential oils as well as information on distillation equipment, distillers, and plant education.   Help choosing the correct plants for growing sites, proper chemotypes, research on distillation needs and aromatherapy for health and personal needs are also available.  Personal blends can be designed for home or business. 

For more information, please visit the Consultation and Formulation page. 
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Hydrosol Definition 1989-2006

HYDROSOL: According the the Oxford English Dictionary – Unabridged, the word hydrosol was first used and defined in the production of gold in 1864.

In 1989, Jeanne Rose was the first person to use this word for the first part of the liquid distillate when freshly-picked plant material was distilled. Jeanne Rose says ‘hydro’ means water and ‘sol’ means solution – the new liquid that results from plant distillation. It is the aromatic non-alcoholic distillate left from the distillation process of organically grown plants that contains water-soluble parts of the plant material and micro-drops of the essential oil. Organoleptically, it has strong taste, strong scent and a pH of less than 5.5.
…Jeanne Rose 1990

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