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Formulations or Consultations

Ms. Rose is personally available for Herb, Aromatherapy and Distillation Consultations on many subjects for both individuals and business.  This includes the growing, distillation and use of true essential oil plants and the production of hydrosols and essential oils as well as information on distillation equipment, distillers, and plant education.  Personal blends can be designed for home or business. 

I can help you in choosing the correct plants for growing sites, proper chemotypes, research on distillation needs and all sorts of aromatherapy questions for health and personal needs such as scents for teas, special essential oil blends, blending scents and more.

Consultations are $200/hour for the first hour or prorated, and $150 for any follow-up calls. Price can vary according to need and time involved. The quote will include the consultation and the follow-up letter.

For your review; Credentials & Student Testimonials.

Personal Consultations on any subject generally take 1/2-2 hours. Call for a phone appointment and write your request and question out in full.

Business and Distillation Consultations vary but can be as short as 20 minutes or as long as you need. A follow-up letter includes the verbal information given and any further instruction.

Payments are made by credit card at the time of the appointment.

This is an email request form & secure shopping cart. All information will remain confidential.
Briefly ask your question on the shopping cart "Consultation Question?" Area

Please prepare the following information for your consultation:
First & Last Name; Business Name; Mailing Address; Email; Phone; Profession; Your Request or Question.

To pay for and schedule your phone consultation,
please email us at info@jeannerose.net.

Biography of Jeanne Rose

219 Carl Street
San Francisco, CA 94117

Creator of "Aromatherapy : A Demonstration for the Senses" The Healing Power of Essential Oils

Aromatherapy may be defined as the use of pure essential oils - their scent - from plants for physical and mental well-being. This practice, only recently came into fashion in the United States. It may be used to create a variety of beneficial moods, from creative shopping to feelings of well-being in the workplace. The practice of Aromatherapy is especially good for reducing stress in the workplace or in the home. Its therapeutic uses include the cleansing of hair and Body and Skin care, therapeutic medical practice, for medicinal purposes and many other uses.

Jeanne Rose was the first person to teach, study, and disseminate information about Aromatherapy, beginning in 1972, in the course of writing her first book Herbs & Things (2nd edition, Last Gasp Publications, 2001).

She has subsequently conducted dozens of specific conferences and seminars on the subject, designed a home-study course in aromatherapy, conducted Seminars and Classes throughout the country and formulated private blends which include the following:

1. "Aromatherapy: Modern Techniques" ; Fragrance Foundation ; New York Plaza Hotel, December 1975

2. "Aromatherapy: How Scent Affects the Psyche"
A private demonstration for the President of the Clairol Corporation and its International Board of Directors, New York City, February 21, 1989

3. Toto Corp. of Japan Blends for the Private Rooms. Used at Conferences and sold privately. 1997

4. "SPA: Salve Per Aqua or Health through Water
First International Congress on Natural Spa Therapy,
Nov. 21-24, 2000, Dead Sea, Israel

5. Aromatherapy System for 20 branches of Fremont Bank. 2003

Jeanne Rose creates essential oil blends for the very popular Spirit's Soap works. She was the creator of a personal aromatic blend for the Donatello Hotel, San Francisco, CA. This blend was used to create a feeling of well-being in the atrium of the hotel, as well as in a specially designed line of natural body care products as guest amenities since March 1992. She has recently designed an aromatherapy system for Fremonts Bank in California.

Jeanne Rose is the designer of personalized blends of essential oils for individuals and corporations throughout the country, creating these specialized blends for use in stress-reduction, serenity, weight loss, restful sleep, waking up, relieving depression and anxiety.

The major contributor to the literature of aromatherapy, Ms. Rose is the author of 19 books, all in print, including: The Aromatherapy Book : Applications and Inhalations
(North Atlantic Books, 1994). : The Herbal Body Book (North Atlantic Books, 2001) : The World of Aromatherapy (North Atlantic Books, 1996) : 375 Essential Oils & Hydrosols (Frog, 1999) : Herbs & Aromatherapy for the Reproductive System (Frog , 1995)

"Distillation of Plants for Hydrosols"
"Aromatherapy for Mind and Body"
"Aromatic Therapy and Other Uses for Plants"
"Aromatherapy: Scents and the Psyche"
"Culinary Uses of Aromatic Oils"
"Healing Uses of Essential Oils"
"Scents of Thyme"

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