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This Level 1 Basic course will include
1) The Aromatherapy Book
2) 25 Essential Oil Profiles
3) 1 study guide
4) 1 100-question final

REQUIREMENTS To complete the course:
Finish & pass the final, 5 cases on self or family and create 1 sample product
(lotion, salve, balm, hand cream, massage oil blend for skin or therapy)


$185.00 + large SASE
(to return test and case-study)



This newest course by Jeanne Rose is a Level 1 Basic Course and will give any student the tools develop useful skills for personal and family care as well as the knowledge to handle simple home emergencies as well . With the completion of this course, those who wish to continue with the Intermediate-Advanced course for Practitioner Status, will have their transition guided and eased. This Aromatherapy Course follows all required Level 1 guidelines (as originally developed by Jeanne Rose and the Education Committee of NAHA).

  • Introduction and history of aromatherapy

  • Physical properties of the first 25 essential oils and how they work

  • Botany - the yield of plants

  • Distillation, hydro-diffusion and other methods of extraction

  • Carrier oils and their properties

  • Physiological and psychological effects of essential oils on systems of the body

  • Use care and storage of oils

  • Contra-indications


Refund Policy: You have 10 days after receipt of course to return the course for a refund and there will be a non-refundable $250 bookkeeping fee. No refund on books OR any autographed material.
Requests for more information will be answered by e-mail at aromaticplant@yahoo.com.
Please EMAIL your Name, Address & Phone for a personal consultation.

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