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Jeanne Rose Aromatherapy Studies Course

Jeanne Rose

by Correspondence
  Distance-Learning with personal contact with Jeanne Rose

Intermediate/Advanced for Practitioner Status -
includes two books


$775.00 incl. 2 books

You will study over 300 essential oils and be able to use at least 75 with ease.  You will understand distillation and be able to make your own hydrosols. You will learn the therapeutic use of essential oils by application, inhalation and ingestion. You will be prepared to treat a variety of physical and mental conditions, make BodyCare treatments, formulate delightful aromatherapy blends. Finally, with this knowledge of aromatherapy, you will be able to promote good health and beauty for family, friends and clients. Course follows NAHA Educational Guidelines and is endorsed by ABMP as well as being offered by University of Natural Medicine for 12 college credit hours.

NOTE: Course Approved for RN's 160 Contact Hours. Provider No. CEP11659. Endorsed by ABMP/Association of Body Work & Massage Professionals and offered by University of Natural Medicine - 12 college credit hours.

Leads to Certification

The Aromatherapy Studies Course - Practitioner is an intensive advanced study of aromatherapy and related pertinent treatments. Graduates receive a Certificate of Completion/Aromatherapy Specialty for 150 hours of Advanced Aromatherapy knowledge (500 study hours). Aromatherapy Certification is available with Intensives. You are eligible for Practitioner Liability Insurance. Email us at Info@JeanneRose.net

Holistic View of Aromatherapy

This is perhaps the only course in which students are encouraged to take a holistic view of aromatherapy, studying not only the oils themselves, but also the plants they come from. This is vital in truly understanding the nature and value of aromatherapeutics, and deepens the students' respect for the art of working with pure essential oils.

Hands on Experience

Students are required to participate in experimentation with a variety of essential oils for a number of circumstances. The participant will become familiar with the neurological, physical, and emotional effects of essential oils through personal use. Students will be familiar with a minimum of 300 essential oils and be able to use at least 75 with ease. By the end of the course work, participants will have gathered an extensive collection of essential oils.

Course Materials

The Aromatherapy Book; Applications and Inhalations serves as the basic text for this course, with requirements for independent research and readings. The course is 15 Chapters in length and includes study of History, Aromatic Terms, CO2 Extraction, Steam Distillation, Enfleurage, Natural vs. Synthetic Oils, Blends, Chemical Components of Essential Oils, Hydrosols, Aromatherapy First Aid, Massage, 300 Essential Oils, Therapeutics, Culinary Aromatherapy and more. Two other books are given as part of the course. Personalized attention is given to each student.


Each lesson includes reading assignments and a study guide which the student returns for review. 75 essential oil and odor profiles will be completed. Students keep an Aromatherapy Experiment Diary and an Aromatherapy Herbarium which are turned in periodically.

  • Upon completion, students receive a Certificate of Completion for 250 hours of Advanced Aromatherapy Study. (actual 500)

  • Course follows NAHA guidelines

  • It is recommended that participants take the Herbal Studies Course either prior to or during the Aromatherapy Studies Course - Practitioner work.


NOTE: Course Approved for RN's 160 Contact Hours. Provider No. CEP11659.
Endorsed by ABMP/Association of Body Work & Massage Professionals and offered by University of Natural Medicine - 12 college credit hours

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Refund Policy: You have 10 days after receipt of course to return the course for a refund and there will be a non-refundable $250 bookkeeping fee. No refund on books OR any autographed material.
Requests for more information will be answered by e-mail at aromaticplant@yahoo.com.
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Biography of Jeanne Rose

219 Carl Street
San Francisco, CA 94117

This California native daughter is an international authority on the therapeutic uses of herbs, both medicinal and cosmetic, as well as the therapeutic uses of essential oil and hydrosols. She has taught aromatics and herbal use in many of the finest SPA environments, colleges, for people, for pets and for the home.

Ms. Rose is a well-known teacher of aromatherapy. The author of 18 books on herbs and aromatherapy, an Herbal Studies Course and an Aromatherapy Studies Course by correspondence accepted by the CA Board of Registered Nurses and accepted for CEU.

Ms. Rose has a rich familial and ethnic background in aromatic plant uses. Ms. Rose graduated with a BA in Zoology and pursued graduate studies in Marine Ecology and the natural uses of plants and their essential oils.

She is the past President of the National Herbalist Association, President Emeritus of NAHA, the National Association for Health & Aromatherapy and is the current Executive Director of The Aromatic Plant Project which encourages the production and growth of aromatic plants for hydrosols and essential oils.

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