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Jeanne Rose Herbal Studies Course

Jeanne Rose
by Correspondence — Distance-Learning with personal contact with Jeanne Rose

Jeanne Rose's Herbal Studies Course© will prepare you to treat a variety of physical and mental conditions, as well as promote vibrant good health and beauty.


You will acquire both broad knowledge and in-depth experience identifying, growing and caring for herbs, and will learn to use herbs and herbal treatments in self care, body care, house care, animal care, herbal rituals, and Aromatherapy.  75% of the students of this course have thriving businesses in herbal cosmetics, wholesale, gardening, potpourris, handmade soaps, herbal therapeutics, consultations, the selling of essential oils and the production of herbal extracts. [20 college credit hours = 350 hours = 750 study hours.]

  $1,275.00 Paid in Full (incl. 3 books)

3 Level Course - Herbal Studies Course   A three-volume, 36 lesson course covering "all things herbal".   Graduates will receive a Certificate of Completion for 350 hours (750 actual), and will be able to prepare and use herbal remedies and treatments with confidence.

1. Seasonal Herbal   Twelve lessons covering Folklore and Symbolism, Activity and Exercise, Herbs and Diet, Internal Care, External Care, Gardening, Aromatherapy and Color therapy, Astrology, living the natural life, and more...

2. Medicinal Herbal/Therapeutics   Twelve lessons covering herbal remedies for each of the 12 organ systems, including the Male and Female Reproductive Systems, the Muscular System, Herbs for the Brain, the Lymphatics, Urinary System,  Eliminatory System, the Skin, Respiratory System, the Senses and more...

3. Herbal Practice   Twelve lessons including Herbs in History and Herbals Through the Ages, and extensive Materia Medica, Ancient Herbalism, Moon lore, Herbal Foods, Ritual/Wicca Herbs, the Ecological Garden, Aromatherapy, Color therapy, a source list of the best herbs from seeds to magazines, a 150 ailment/herb chart, and a bibliography.

Course Materials   Three full-sized textbooks and booklets by different authors, about 1,800 pages total.  Texts and required readings include information on Basic Chinese Herbalism, External Herbal Body Care, Herbal Foods and Medicines, as well as Basic Human Anatomy and Physiology, Basic Botany and Plant Identification.

Assignments   Each lesson includes a Study Guide which the student completes and returns for review.  Each student keeps an Herbal Experiment Diary and a Plant Herbarium (photographic or pressed) which are presented periodically.  A final term paper will complete the work.  You have two years to complete the Basic Course. (Extensions may be arranged with Jeanne Rose.)

Tutorials and Seminars   Besides the Basic course work, you will have an opportunity to enroll in various seminars around the United States.  Personalized Attention is also given regularly by Jeanne Rose through personal phone calls.


Course approved by the National Herbalist Association, AHA and offered by the University of Natural Medicine for 20 college credit hours.

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Refund Policy: You have 10 days after receipt of course to return the course for a refund and there will be a non-refundable $250 bookkeeping fee. No refund on books OR any autographed material.
Requests for more information will be answered by e-mail at aromaticplant@yahoo.com.
Please EMAIL your Name, Address & Phone for a personal conultation.

Contact: Institute of Aromatic & Herbal Studies
219 Carl Street
San Francisco, CA 94117

Biography of Jeanne Rose
Grande Dame of American Herbalism

Jeanne Rose, a California native daughter, is the leading pioneer in the revival of herbal and natural remedies and aromatherapy to maintain good health.  She is also an international authority on the therapeutic uses of herbs, both medicinal and cosmetic, and a well-known teacher of aromatherapy since 1972.

In her lectures and teachings, Jeanne Rose relates herbal applications to questions concerning health, hygiene, contraception, beauty, and women's care as well as the environmental uses of plants, herbal animal care, herbal tradition and history, and the uses of essential oils to heal both the mind and the body. She has lectured extensively year on "Scents & the Psyche."™ She is an expert on "All Things Herbal and Aromatic." Her aromatic garden is world-famous and has appeared in Herb Companion, Country Gardening, and the Japanese publication Herb., Country Gardens, Spiritual Gardens and others.

The author of sixteen herbal and aromatherapy books plus a three-volume Herbal Studies Course™ & Aromatherapy Course by correspondence, Ms. Rose has a rich background in plant use. Her latest accomplishment is the 2nd edition of both of her early works, Herbs & Things, Jeanne Rose's Herbal and The Herbal Body Book. Herbs for the Sex Organs is the first in a series of books addressing herbal and aromatic therapies for personal health.

With a degree in zoology, graduate studies in herbal and pesticide research, a graduate degree in marine biology, and through her ongoing private and public research, Jeanne is an 'academic enthusiast', refining her work on the medicinal uses of herbs and therapeutic values of essential oils through relentless research. She has a world-class personal library containing most of the important volumes in herbal studies and aromatherapy. This library has recently been donated to the Lloyd Library in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Jeanne Rose has appeared on television and radio, and has been the national spokesperson for Bath & BodyWorks Aromatherapy. She was aromatic consultant for The Donatello Hotel in San Francisco, and regularly designs original aromatics for her clients.  Humorous and folksy in her writings and inspiring in her teachings, Rose has been termed a 'renegade herbalist' and 'a rather quirky individual.'

Books by Jeanne Rose include: Herbs & Things,; The Herbal Body Book; Kitchen Cosmetics; Ask Jeanne Rose,; The Herbal Guide to Food,; The Modern Herbal,; The Aromatherapy Book: Applications & Inhalations,; Herbs and Aromatherapy for the Reproductive System,; and The Herbal Studies Course TM ; The Aromatherapy Studies Course; 375 Essential Oils and Hydrosols; World of Aromatherapy; Distillation, How To; and others.

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