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I have been consulting with clients and giving Herbal and Aromatherapy consultations with individuals since 1972. These are personal notes on my consultations – never before published. In the January/February 2007 issue of The Essential Herbal we covered a treatment for Tonsillitis/Sore Throat. This will cover a treatment for asthma or chronic bronchitis. I have also been teaching Aromatherapy Education Seminars in person and via home study, Jeanne Rose Aromatherapy and Herbal Studies, since 1980. In the course of this teaching, I have covered treatments for Asthma and chronic bronchitis as I have had these problems since 1985. These are the best remedies that have helped me and I hope that they will help you as well.

INTRODUCTION: “In most cases, acute bronchitis stems from a cold, the flu or a sore throat, where the infection spreads into the lungs.  Bronchitis is seen more often in the winter months than at other times of the year.  Symptoms usually begin 3 to 4 days after an upper respiratory tract infection and can include a sore throat, runny nose, chills, fever and back or muscle pain. Breathing through congested airways can also produce a wheezing sound.  Pain below or at the sternum or breastbone may be experienced as well. Bronchitis can also result from inhaling the fumes from acids, solvents, cigarettes or other environmental toxins.  This can irritate the mucus membranes of the bronchial tubes and cause inflammation.  It can also be brought on by food allergies as well as environmental allergies to substances such as mold, pollen or dust.”— (1)

BRONCHIAL TUBE CLEANSER: Inhale over steam or in an inhalator, 1 drop at a time of the following essential oils taken sequentially and inhaled until the scent is gone before proceeding with the next oil.  Black Spruce is an adrenal stimulus, Eucalyptus radiata helps to liquefy and remove mucus (mucolytic), then use Pine (any type) such as Pinus pumilio, follow with Rosemary (R. pyramidalis) for the health of the sinus, then Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga douglasii) to purify the respiratory tree and finally Ravensara aromatica for a refreshing, healing cleansing.  Inhale essential oils over steam once or twice per day. [These perfect oils can be purchased in Jeanne Rose Aromatherapy Colds & Flu Kit. See Sources at the end of the article]

  A series of the Moor baths taken once every 5 days is a good addition.  Herbal baths that contain salts or salts with herbs such as conifer needles, Thyme, Rosemary and even Rose and Violet flowers are purifiers. These baths should be taken in the evening just before bed. They should contain at least 1 oz (1 cup) of herbs that have been simmered and steeped 20 minutes in a quart of water – per bath. The liquid infusion is poured in the bath and the herbs can be wrapped in a washcloth and used as a compress on the chest.  Take a warm shower in the warming and then rinse off with the appropriate hydrosol such as Thyme or Rosemary. [See The Herbal Body Book by Jeanne Rose for more ideas.]

When you get a massage, use the essential oils that are in the Colds & Flu Kit. Of particular use are Pine or Fir and the Rosemary pyramidalis. These will help ease breathing as well as ease tightness in the chest. Add about 10-12 drops of essential oil to one ounce of oil. Label and date the container, as you will have enough for two massage treatments.
Swedish Massage is a good choice when you have tightness in the chest with coughing and wheezing. Massage therapists will use long smooth strokes with kneading and circular movements on the superficial layers of muscle using massage lotion or oil. Swedish massage therapy can be very gentle and relaxing. If you've never had massage before, this is a good one to try first.

Eating a diet high in fatty acids such as those found in fish, or supplementing with Omega 3 oil has been shown to reduce both the number and duration of reoccurrences of bronchitis. Other recommendations include eliminating dairy products. Eat lightly of good quality proteins and green leafy vegetables such as Dandelion greens or Chard.  Eat Oatmeal and a half-cup of Walnuts for breakfast. Have a hot soup during the midday to keep the mucus loosened.


and herbal supplements and teas such as Ginkgo, Fenugreek, soothing herbs such as Marshmallow root, herbs that contain vitamin C such as conifer needles, and astringent, antibacterial herbs such as Thyme are the ones to use.


The two main oils for asthma are Ammi visnaga and Tanacetum annuum (Blue Tansy). These need to be taken by mouth in a capsule. They are not to be used in massage or by inhalation, as it is an expensive waste of rare essential oils. The Ammi visnaga is used to mask the function of the mast cells and have other uses. [See p.42 375 Essential Oils and Hydrosols]. Blue Tansy [see p. 52 of the same book] may supply a theophylline like substance (broncho-dilator) and both these oils act like an antihistamine. 

Formula #1: For Wheezing - 9/13/99 — Mix together 30 drops each of Angelica root, Green Myrtle, Green Lemon, Ammi visnaga and Blue Tansy (Tanacetum annuum) in a synergy.  Then add 1 oz 95% alcohol, mix, and then add 1 oz water.  Take 10 drops 4 X/day during the crisis. Or simply take the essential oil mixture and add 3 drops to an herbal capsule and take 3 capsules 3X/day for no more than 3 days.                      

Formula #2Wheezing/Allergy- 1997 - Mix together 20 drops each of Red Mandarin and Rosemary verbenone and 10 drops each of Tarragon, Ammi visnaga, Thyme borneol and Hyssopus decumbens in a synergy.  Use 3 drops per Ginkgo biloba capsule 3 times per day but not more than 3 days.                      

Formula #3Bronchitis and Chronic Respiratory Insufficiency - 1990 —
Mix the following essential oils:

Ammi visnaga
Blue Tansy (Tanacetum annuum) 15%
Rosemary verbenone 15%
Red Mandarin 15%
Cypress CT Pinene 20%
Thyme CT thymol 10%
Savory CT carvacrol 15%

EMOTIONS: Be calm; be happy to allow your body time to heal. 

NETI POT:  Finally, do not forget cleansing daily with the Neti pot using an aromatic salt. Sea salt with Thyme and Tea tree essential oils added is very helpful. A good formula is 2 ounces by quantity of sea salt.  Grind or with a mortar and pestle, mash 6 drops of essential oil into 1 teaspoon of the salt. Then mix this with the balance of the salt.  Store in an airtight glass jar.  Use 1/4 t. salt to 8 oz warm water. [The Herb Bar in Austin, Texas makes a very good sinus formula if you do not want to make it yourself.

Asthma Drug Dangers

Two medical studies published 2007 in the British medical journal Lancet reported that high doses of the most widely used drug for asthma, known as bronchodilators, trigger serious adverse reactions in patients and may be a cause of rising deaths worldwide from the disease.

A New Zealand study found that only 30% of asthma patients improved when treated with regular doses of the inhaled bronchodilator fenoterol.  Seventy percent improved when treated with the drug only at the time of an asthma attack.
The second study, conducted in England, found that doses of fenoterol caused more adverse cardiac effects than two other bronchodilators, salbutamol and terbutaline.  Researchers attributed the difference to fenoterol’s higher strength…. ——Asthma Drug Dangers Compiled from Examiner news services, date unknown. 

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