by Jeanne Rose

The following aromatic treatments have been shown to have positive benefits for use as a treatment for snoring and dry mouth.

INHALATION: Essential oils from the Colds & Flu Kit were very effective.
Formula; use by inhalation, 10-20 minutes once day

1 drop Eucalyptus radiata - respiratory
1 drop Lavender (Spike for the lungs and/or regular Lavender for sleeping)
      Lavender CT borneol would be good both as a sleep aid and an immune
      stimulant as well.
1 drop Rosemary verbenone - inhale for stress or respiratory; ingest or
      massage for liver regeneration or massage for muscular care.
1 drop Tea Tree Ė respiration

GARGLE with Owyhee hydrosol once per day. Owyhee (Artemisia ludoviciana) as an herb has been used by American Indians as a tea or gargle for all problems of the respiratory system especially those having to do with any involvement of the throat.

Formula; use by application and massage into back of neck, shoulders, upper chest and upper back before going to sleep.
To 1 ounce or 30 mls of Carrier oil, add the following that will make an 8% therapeutic solution:

6 drops Pelargonium graveolens (Rose Geranium)
8 drops Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender)
8 drops Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea Tree), or Manuka, Kanuka, or Plai
8 drops Citrus x paradisi (Grapefruit)
10 drops or Owyhee (Artemisia ludoviciana), Chamaemelum nobile (Roman Chamomile)

RESULTS: With the above treatment after 3 consecutive uses, snoring can change from very loud every night to some quiet snoring occasionally. Continue the use of the inhalation, gargles and the massage as long as necessary to keep results.

You may also apply immune system dietary suggestions, exercise and relaxing baths.

DIET: dark green or very colored vegetables. Breakfast of assorted fruits and several 3x1x1/2 inch pieces of cheese; eggs and toast. Lunch of soup with lightly steamed assorted vegetables and dinner of salad of assorted greens, tomatoes, onions, sunflower seeds. Drink tea of Lemon Verbena for sleep.

NETI POT: Finally, do not forget cleansing daily with the Neti pot. This will cleanse the throat by removing old mucus debris in the nose and throat. Use an aromatic salt. Sea salt with Thyme and Tea tree essential oil added. A good formula is 2 ounces by quantity of sea salt. Grind or with a mortar and pestle, mash 6 drops of the essential oil chosen into 1 teaspoon of the salt. Then mix this with the balance of the salt. Store in an airtight glass jar. Use 1/4 t. salt to 8 oz warm water and flush out the nose every night before bedtime. This will clean and hydrate the upper breathing passages.

EXERCISE: A good program of exercise that includes a walk of 30 minutes or so a day (or bicycle rides), weight training 3x/week; sit ups.

BATHS: Use Rosemary soap in the morning and Lavender soap at night. Use showers to clean and baths to relax. Essential oils in the bath can be pretty much what you want to keep your skin healthy and your mind alive.

MENTAL EXERCISE: Keep your mind active. Puzzles are good both crossword and jigsaw. Read a quiet relaxing book before bed.

ALWAYS USE a combination of treatments: baths, essential oils, hydrosols, dietary supplements and anything that you can possibly think of that will help for your condition. Read only the best magazines, books but non-New-Age common sense info. Aromatherapy classes are useful for good information.

For further information review chapter 14 of the Herbal Studies Course by Jeanne Rose regarding herbs for the respiratory system. The index of 375 Essential Oils& HydrosolssAromatherapy Studies Course or The Herbal Studies Course both by Jeanne Rose.

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