A Synergy of Herbs & Essential Oil Therapy — A Series – Treatment

Heart Treatment - Heart Disease and Women
by Jeanne Rose, Sept. 2005


HERBAL Treatments. Use teas or capsules of Hawthorn berry and Nettle every day. For a complete herbal treatment, please read chapter 15 of the Herbal Studies Course.

Bathe, drink, spray with Melissa hydrosol. Drink Hawthorn hydrosol.
     ESSENTIAL OILS: Inhale Rose/Melissa with Litsea and Ylang-Ylang and Jasmine.

EXTERNAL MASSAGE: Make a mixture of equal parts of Rose, Litsea, Ylang-Ylang and Jasmine essential oils. Mix 10-20 drops in 1 oz of Calendula infused oil. Use this to massage the heart area. Add Marjoram essential oil and make another mixture to massage the legs just before bedtime. This will help you sleep.

DIET: — Eat mostly fruits and vegetables, whole grain and high-fiber foods; fish at least twice a week, and very little salt. Limit saturated fat to less than 10 percent of calories, 7 percent if possible, and trans fats to less than 0-1 percent. Limit alcohol to one drink or less a day. Weight. Keep waist size under 32 inches and body index under 25. Probably you will need to lose weight and the only way to do that is eat less and exercise more - this keeps the heart stimulated. Use plenty of herbal seasonings on your food …

See Herbal Guide to Food.

Eat 1 apple, 1 small orange, and 1 small carrot and 2T tomato paste per day for all your healthy fiber needs.



Put a Carrot, and 4 Pineapple slices through a juicer with a sprig of Parsley and a few Alfalfa sprouts. Add a small dollop
of honey, and 2 Chlorella tablets or 4 tsp. liquid Chlorophyll. Drink this delicious drink 2-4 times per day.

Hawthorn berry capsules, tea, or hydrosol should be taken daily.
     VITAMINS: — Supplements. Consider omega-3 fatty acids (fish oil) if you already have heart disease. Do not take extra folic acid or antioxidants like vitamins E, C and beta-carotene, for heart disease prevention. Here is a list what you might want to add to your daily supplements to heal your heart.

Good Supplements for the Heart
In the morning

Algae – red marine algae (Gigartina) – 350 mg (boost immune system, lowers cholesterol)
Bilberry – a good supplement for the eye function and circulation
Calcium-magnesium, 250/150 – women need this for their bones
Co-Q10 200 mg (enhances immune system and helps heart produce energy)
D 1000 IU
Ginkgo biloba, 120mg (should take 2 3x/day)
Hawthorn berries 1000 mg, take 2 capsules 3x/day
Omega 3 fatty acids, 1000 mg/day (should take 1800 mg/day)
Quercitin or Quercitin with Nettle (bioflavonoid, reduces inflammation and
     blocks production histamine) as well as eases stress, 1000 mg

In the evening

Calcium hydroxyapatite with Magnesium and D — 1000/500 • Bone-Up
Zinc-30 mg
Hawthorn berry 1000 mg.

MEDICATIONS — Take your medications in a consistent manner according to your doctor’s advice.


EXERCISE: — Exercise. Get at least 30 minutes of moderately intense exercise on most and preferably all days, 60 to 90 minutes if you need to lose weight.

EMOTIONS OR Other Complementary Treatments — Practice Guided Imagery to control Stress and pain. “Imagery provides a way to communicate with your subconscious mind. When you "see" an image in your mind it is a collaboration between your conscious and subconscious. Your image is formed from your own memories and experiences. Imagery is like a personalized, guided dream with emotions.” — Don't smoke. Use nicotine replacement products if needed to stop. — Blood pressure and cholesterol. Keep these under control with medicine if needed. Keep LDL or bad cholesterol under 100 if at high risk of heart disease and under 70 if at very high risk. — Aspirin. Daily use is already urged for women at high risk. The last is controversial. Aspirin is recommended now to prevent heart disease in men 45 and older; but in women, a large study found it prevented heart disease only for those 65 and older. However, you must investigate this thoroughly with your physician before supplementing with aspirin.

ALWAYS USE baths, essential oils, hydrosols, dietary supplements and anything that you can possibly think of that will help with your condition. Read! Read magazines, books and only the best common sense information.


Source: Essential oils from Jeanne Rose. Get your Hawthorn hydrosol from Harmon, Ann,
5951 Riverbend Way, Fruitland, WA 99129, 509-722-3150

Health is Personal – Personalize It!

DISCLAIMER: This work is intended for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for accurate diagnosis and treatment by a qualified health care professional. Dosages are often not given, as that is a matter between you and your health care provider. The author is neither a chemist nor a medical doctor. The content herein is the product of research and some personal and practical experience. Institute of Aromatic & Herbal Studies - Jeanne Rose©

Millions of women stopped taking menopause hormones after a landmark study several years ago found the pills raised the risk of heart problems and breast cancer. A new study in Circulation gives hope that skin patches may prove safer in one key respect.

A French study found that women, aged 45 to 70, taking estrogen pills were four times more likely to suffer a blood clot than women getting it through a patch or not taking estrogen at all. Hormone Therapy Adds to Brain Shrinkage. Two new studies show that forms of postmenopausal hormone therapy may slightly accelerate the loss of brain tissue in women 65 and older beyond what normally occurs with aging. Previous studies showed that hormone therapy in the form of conjugated equine (horse) estrogens (CEEs, also called PMU or pregnant mare’s urine)[horse urine], with or without added progestin, increased the likelihood that older women would have difficulty with thinking skills and memory and experience dementia or cognitive impairment. Because these drugs are known to increase women’s risk for strokes, it had been wrongly assumed that these drugs adversely affected women’s memory by increasing the rates of “silent strokes” and brain lesions “humans were probably not meant to stay young forever”. … 13/01/2009

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