CLAY MASKS & PACKS for Face and Body

by Jeanne Rose

            Clay comes in many different colors, textures, and adsorption abilities.  Clay adsorbs rather than absorbs, that is, toxins are attached to the outside of the clay particles (adsorb) rather than being taken up (absorb) by the clay particles. It adsorbs toxins both externally on the skin or internally if taken with water as a going to bed drink. Clay will rid the body of pimples and boils or wherever there is acne, pimples or infection.

            It is easy to put together a clay mask or pack: simply take a bit of clay (1 t.), add water/hydrosol, enough to mix  using  a non-metal mixer or your finger and apply. Let is dry and then remove with plenty of water.  Follow with a spray of mineral water or hydrosol.

Different Types of Clay and Their Composition



Potassium Magnesium Iron Sodium Calcium Phosphorus
White Clay 48.3 % 36.10% 1.45% 0.22% 0.09% 0.04%
Green Clay
Pink Clay

2/3 white + 1/3 red clay = pink clay

Red Clay








Yellow Clay 48.00% 1.10% 0.22% 1.84% 0.26% 0.06%

            There is also Kaolin or China Clay, originally from Kiangsi in SE China which is a fine white clay that is usually used in ceramics and in cosmetics as an adsorbent.  Its principal constituent is kaolinite Al2Si2O5(OH)4.

                Bentonite is found in Montana as a soft porous rock composed of clayey minerals in various colors, and used chiefly in oil-well drilling and in pharmacy and skin care.  The principal constituent is montmorillonite RMgAl5Si12O30(OH6•nH2O.  Fuller's Earth is mainly montmorillonite and attapulgite which is an adsorbent.

            There is also Fullers Earth which is mainly montmorillonite and attapulgite which is also an adsorbent.

            Clay is also used medicinally, taken internally for a variety of conditions.  Red Montmorillonite is the most active and detoxifying. Green Illite is used externally for drainage or internally to detoxify and is the most versatile. Pink Kaolin is usually used for facial masks, it is gentle and cleansing and White Kaolin is considered to balance the pH of the body and taken internally as an anti-diarrhea agent.

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