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by Jeanne Rose

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What are Varicose or Spider Veins
Varicose veins affect approximately 30% of the U.S. population, with 70% being female and 30% being male. Varicose and spider veins are not just a cosmetic problem, but can cause a variety of symptoms including aching, fatigue, heaviness, burning, throbbing, itching, cramping , swelling, as well as ulceration. The causes of varicose veins include heredity, pregnancy, obesity, prolonged standing and hormonal influences.

Varicose veins are those superficial veins that have become enlarged and have lost their ability to effectively transport blood. 90% of all blood volume is carried by the deep system and the normal channels so the varicose veins are not effectively contributing to your overall circulation. If the blood doesn't flow efficiently, the veins become enlarged because they are congested with blood. They appear distended and ropey looking.

Once a vein has become varicosed it will not go back to normal and must be treated. If left untreated, severe varicose veins can lead to chronic swelling, skin color changes, eczema type symptoms and finally to ulcerations that will not heal until the veins are taken care of.

What are Hemorrhoids
Hemorrhoids are actually the anatomical term for "'cushions of tissue filled with blood vessels at the junction of the rectum and the anus." However, the term has come into common usage to indicate the condition where there are varicosities or swelling and inflammation of veins in the rectum and anus. Perianal hematoma are sometimes misdiagnosed and mislabeled as hemorrhoids, when in fact they have different causes and treatments. … Wikipedia

In Herbalism there are not specific treatments for names problems such as there are in medicine. Here, generally speaking, enlarged superficial veins such as varicose veins in the legs or varicose vein in the rectum are treated much the same.

Calendula Infused Oil:
We make our own Calendula infused oil using only fresh Calendula flowers and a good grade of Olive oil (but not the green extra fancy from California) according to a method developed by Jeanne Rose. We use freshly picked flowers, not dried flower.

Calendula flowers are in bloom in June in California and later in the season in states to the east such as Montana. [1 lb fresh orange Calendula flowers to 1 gallon of good Olive oil, use the recipe in The Aromatherapy Book, Applications & Inhalations by Jeanne Rose]. Use what you need and keep the balance refrigerated. You can also purchase it from Jeanne Rose Aromatherapy, freshly made during the year. We also have Herbal & Aromatherapy classes in June where we teach students just how to make a good quality Calendula infused oil and a perfect Bruise Juice.

Massage Oil:
To 2 oz of the Calendula infused oil (for varicose veins) or Bruise Juice (for hemorrhoids), add 10 drops Cypress, 20 drops Lemon and 10 drops Juniper and 10 drops Rosemary. Massage very lightly and work up from the feet towards the heart concentrating on the area on the legs with the varicose veins moving your hands upwards in long strokes. Cypress is a venous decongestant while the other oils can act as astringents and reduce edema. Add the tincture of Horse Chestnut to the massage oil for added benefits.

Another essential oil for varicose veins is Helichrysum (from Corsica). This is a beautiful light green oil with a particular honey scent. 10 drops of this essential oil to Calendula infused oil can be used alternately to the above formula.

Eat foods with vitamin C and bioflavonoid. Eat colored foods, berries, cranberries, purple grapes, and cherries for flavonoids as well as the whites of the Orange. Eat dark green foods, vegetables, wild foods such as Nettles and Dandelion greens and blue foods such as blue Potatoes, blue broccoli, purple long beans.

Horse Chestnut extract (Aesculus hippocastanum) is used as a treatment for Varicose Veins and hemorrhoids (add tincture to a sitz bath).. It is well documented as a relief for chronic venous insufficiency and edema. The seeds are dried, pulverized, and soaked in alcohol. Water is added to bring the % down to 60-80%. The seeds contain hydroxycoumarins, flavonoids, tannins, and aescin, which is the most active ingredient. Adverse reactions of taking the tincture/extract are rare. Take the extract 2-3 times per day or use it in creams, lotions, massage oils in combination with Horsetail, Cypress, Rosemary and Citrus. Jeanne Rose teaches the herbs needed in therapy in her Herbal Studies Course.

Vitamin C, E, Zinc at night with your Calcium/Magnesium and B6 and then your regular B vitamins in the morning. If you go to the health food store you will find some really good specific vitamin formulas for Varicose veins. You might want to try them.

Exercise: Swimming

Formula for Hemorrhoids/Varicose Veins:
Take 30 drops (1 ml) each of Cypress, high linalool Lavender, MQV. Put into a 4 oz glass bottle. Mix them together completely. Add 90 (3 ml) drops of Bruise Juice . Mix together. Apply regularly to the hemorrhoids or apply by gentle massage to the varicose veins. This formula is available from Jeanne Rose Aromatherapy- Special Products for $35/bottle + shipping and handling.

Source: Institute of Aromatic & Herbal Studies, 219 Carl St., San Francisco, CA 94117.
See http://www.jeannerose.net/. To order call 415/564-6785 or fax order to 415/564-6799 or e-mail to info@jeannerose.net

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