Deodorants for You!
by Jeanne Rose

ESSENTIAL OILS of Lavandin, Ylang-Ylang, Geranium, Lavender, Rosemary verbenone, Mints, Tea tree/Niaouli are good to reduce smell in the armpits and other personal areas.

Add to 1 ounce of Rice or Talcum powder a 5-drop mixture of essential oils as the Deodorant and Potassium aluminum to stop the sweat.


1. Geranium + Rosemary + any Mint + Potassium

2. Geranium + Mint + Tea Tree or Niaouli + Potassium

3. Lavender + Lavandin + Ylang-Ylang + Potassium

EXTERNAL MASSAGE is helpful to stimulate the lymphatic system to detoxify and move lymph around so that the body eliminates stinky compounds.

HERBAL AND AROMATHERAPY BATHS:  Sage, Sagebrush, Artemisia herbs and essential oils such as Blue Sage (Artemisia douglasiana) with Lemon, or Green Sage with Grapefruit are helpful.  Baths should always be generous, using at least 1-4 oz. of herbs in 1-2 quarts of water as an infusion or a decoction and then pour the herbal liquid into the bath.  Add essential oils after you are in the tub or add them to some fatty substance such as milk and add to the tub.  Bath salts can be used and essential oils can be added and ground into salts. The salts then are added to the bath.   

DIET: Remove fatty foods, remove junk foods from your diet, and add supplements such as zinc that will help to disarm your stink.         

EMOTIONS: can cause your body to produce unpleasant smelling exudates. Keep cool and calm.

ALWAYS USE: baths, essential oils, hydrosols, dietary supplements and anything that you can possibly think of that will help with your condition. 

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