25 Essential Oils
Aromatherapy Course
Home & Family
(2+ ml of each)

by Jeanne Rose

 Name, Latin Binomial & part distilled   Basic Information on How to Use
1. Bergamot, Citrus bergamia ... peel   This is primarily a skin care oil and an aromatic used by inhalation for stress and emotional crisis. Truly the Oil of Anxiety.
2. Cedarwood, Cedrus atlantica wood   The ‘Oil of Hair and Scalp’ and a woody addition to perfumery. This, ‘true cedar’ has generous applications in all forms of skin care.
3. Chamomile Roman, Chamaemelum nobile & Artemisia ludoviciana, Owyhee … flower and tops   The combination of these two oils, both of which are used for gentle care of the skin and for relaxation, allow the more intense Owyhee to enhance the scent of less powerful Chamomile. ‘Oil of All Use’
4. Clary Sage, Salvia sclarea ... herb   “Oil of Euphoria” is a powerful oil used to scent many kinds of products, especially recommended for soothing skin and emotions.
5. Cypress, Cupressus sempervirens  ... foliage and twigs   An astringent oil reducing secretions for external use, sports injuries or cellulite, warming and stimulating. “Oil of Astringency”
6. Eucalyptus, Eucalyptus globulus ...  leaves   This is the primary “Oil of Respiration” - it is mucolytic will help liquefy mucus, aiding its removal. Inhale and external First-Aid too.
7. Frankincense, Boswellia carteri  ... resin   A deeply spiritual oil used as a resin for many thousands of years. Breathe deep of its fumes, “Oil of the Spirit”.
8. Geranium, Pelargonium graveolens ...  flowers and tops   “Oil of Beauty” – for all your skin care needs. Herbally and floral fragrance enhances products. Slightly astringent and very tonic.
9. Juniper, Juniperus communis ... berries   This is a good addition to massage oil, as it is diuretic, aids the removal of excess fluid – also by inhalation. “Oil of Edema”
10. Lavender, Lavandula angustifolia ...  flower & stem   Always we think of this as “Oil of First Thought”. Gentle enough for babies, strong enough for insomnia and useful on everything.
11. Lavandin, Lavandula x intermediaCT borneol from CA … flower & stem   “Oil of Second Thought”, can be used the same as the above but a stronger scent and from California is an immune stimulant.
12. Lemon, Citrus limon ... peel   When dieting and needing external help, Lemon is the one for many uses, astringent, tonic, and antiseptic – “Oil of Slimming”.
13. Marjoram, Origanum majorana ... herb   “Oil of Relaxation & Pain Relief”, some types are relaxing, others highly antibacterial. Make sure you know which you are getting.
14. Orange Peel, Citrus sinensis ... peel   We use “Oil of Refreshment”. As an antiseptic, tonic, for disinfection, or taken internally for the respiratory system and more.
15. Palmarosa, Cymbopogon martinii var. motia ... grass   “Oil of Antifungal”, use with Marjoram for a perfect natural preservative. Soft scent soothes the heart and eases exhaustion.
16. Patchouli, Pogostemon cablin ... herb   An old scent used in perfumery and for tired, dry and wrinkled skin. It is rejuvenative is this “Oil of Warmth and Age”.
17. Peppermint, Mentha x piperita ... herb   Cooling and analgesic, taken internally and used externally with a folkloric past. Soothes and eases digestion. “Oil of Digestion”
18. Rose, Rosa spp. (there are many types of Rose) ... flower absolute   There are many types of Rose Oil, all for skin care, and “Oil of the ‘Heart'”. Relieves headache, soothes emotions and heals the heart.
19. Rosemary, Rosemary officinalis CT Cineol (many chemotypes) … herb   The best oil to inhale when you study or need to wake up, some types are stress relieving, some for the sinus. “Oil of Stimulation”.
20. Sandalwood, Santalum spicatum (from Australia) … wood   “Oil of Deodorant”. A deodorant externally, calming internally, used for acne and tinea (antifungal), exciting in perfumery.
21. Spearmint, Mentha spicata ... herb   A mildly stimulating, memoristic antidepressant; Spearmint is bound to make you happy, relaxed and joyful, hence, “Oil of Joy”.
22. Spruce/Pine/Fir, Picea/Pinus/Abies ...  needles, cones and young stem   For any respiratory problems, the best is a conifer needle oil to inhale and to refresh the air; any of them will do. “Oil of Air”
23. Tea Tree, Melaleuca alternifolia ... leaves   “Oil of Healing”, for any external problem, bruise, cut, acne, sore, bug bite, Tea Tree, Plai, or Blue Cypress is the one.
24. Thyme, Thymus vulgaris (there are many types of Thyme) … herb   Stimulating, warming, medicinal internally and externally, the herb and oil has multiple properties and uses. “Oil of Anti-Bacteria”
25. Ylang-Ylang, Cananga odorata (There are many fractions of Ylang-Ylang) … tree flowers   Besides Rose Geranium, this is the “Oil of Women’s Needs”; for skin care, emotional inhalations, calming, slightly antiseptic, used in perfumery and soap (with citrus), an excellent tonic oil.

Source: The information on this page was obtained from The Aromatherapy Course – Home& Family written by Jeanne Rose and copyrighted in 2002.

“Key Use of the Oils” is a ‘tag name’ — an original used by Jeanne Rose for the various oils in the Aromatherapy Travel Kits.

Herbal and Aromatic Seminars and classes detailing the uses of these oils can be found at the website.

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