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Jeanne Rose Herbal BodyWorks

Bruise Juice...brand-new Bruise Juice available now, for all your painful parts!

~ a fabulous old time healing oil from 1450.  Hand made by Jeanne Rose since 1969 to the present.  Used for aches, pains, bruises, shingles & sports hurt. 3.8% essential oil.

From the Articles Archives please read: Broken Ribs & Bruise Juice Bruise Pain Care

1 quart bottle. $142.00

8 ounce bottle. $42.00

For a Limited Time Only

Calendula Infused Oil ~ made from fresh, organically grown (not dried) flowers.

Please read: Carrier Oils? – A Synopsis

1 quart bottle. $142.00

8 ounce bottle. $42.00

DON'T MISS OUT! Direct from Jeanne Rose 

 Special Made-to-Order therapeutic herbal and/or Essential Oil Blends

Featuring ...the Women's Care Kit

Copper Stills and
Essential Oils
Herbal Knowledge
Travel & Using Kits
Basic 36 Oils - Home & Practitioner Kit
Blood/Circulation/Hypertension Kit
Colds & Flu Kit
Culinary/Dietary Kit
Holiday/Victorian Potpourri Kit
Home & Office / Brain Boost / ALZ Kit
Have a Good Day Kit
Love & Romance Kit
Meditation Kit
Natural Perfumery Base/Accord & Book Kit
Sports Relief Kit
Stress Relief Kit
Travel & First Aid Kit
Women's Kit
Training Kits
Advanced 28 Vocabulary of Odor© Kit
Basic 7 Vocabulary of Odor© Kit
Blue Oils Kit
Citrus Kit (A Grove of Citrus)
Conifer Kit (A Forest of Evergreens)
Lavender Kit  (A World’s Tour of Lavenders)
Marjoram/Oregano Kit  (Mystery Oils Unraveled)
Rose Kit (4 Spectacular Rose Oils)
Rosemary Chemotype Kit



The heaven aroma of the Meditation Kit was just what I remember. It  got me through the emotional time after my Dad died. The Frankincense and Galbanum eased my  grief and uplifted me. No other Frankincense has had the same lift and aroma as yours. Blessings on your work. Linda H


I fell in a locker room, and suffered a compression fracture of the coccyx. I'm 78 years old, and after trying several pain-killers (with side-effects), I began to rub your wonderful Bruise Juice on my back 3 or 4 times daily. Relief was almost immediate and lasted several hours, without any of the malaise the painkillers had caused! I attended a workshop of yours – “Therapeutic Uses of Essential Oils” in MI, and you said I was the first student you had who was older than you. Thanks for the Bruise Juice!
B. 2008

A collection of 22 Aromatherapy Kits
Each kit contains pure, undiluted therapeutic quality essential oils in 4 ml. size. Many include a
laminated card which tells how to use each oil.  The Jeanne Rose Aromatherapy Kits are the perfect
size for purse, pocket, car, travel, or medicine chest. Each is beautifully packaged in a hand-crafted tapestry bag, the laminated cards contain full directions in using the oils for your well-being. Each Kit has a
Essential Oil in it that is worth the price of the entire kit.

Travel  & Using Kits
 Select the Photo of the Aromatherapy Kit and view a larger close up image
  36 Oils - Practitioner Kit + those from the Basic Course

This set of oils is especially presented for the Aromatherapy Course and the Aromatherapy Studies Course. These are six of our best kits in vials of 4 ml vials. This set of oils includes the oils mentioned in the Basic Course and 2 ml each of Rose and Sandalwood, Oregano, Palmarosa, Patchouli and Thyme.


   please read: 40 Essential Oils for Aromatherapy Studies Course & Home & Family  

  Blood, Circulation, Hypertension Kit

Contains five 1-dram vials of pure essential oil and a two-dram vial each of hydrosol and Infused Oil of Lavender + Yarrow essential oil as carrier. The single essential oils include Birch Bark, Ylang-Ylang #3, May Chang, sweet Marjoram, Lemon/Bergamot, Melissa Hydrosol and Lavender Infused Oil with Lavender and Yarrow essential oils.

$55 packaged in a Handcrafted Tapestry Bag in French Street Scene pattern

   please read: A Treatment for HYPERTENSION/High Blood Pressure©  


Cold & Flu Kit*

Be prepared to fight those awful cold & flu season symptoms with pure, therapeutic quality essential oils from plants.  No drowsy side effects!  100% natural!  Includes Black Spruce, Douglas Fir (organic), Ravensara aromatica (organic), Fir Pine (abies siberica, 1975), Eucalyptus radiata, Rosmarinus pyramidalis, for the sinus.  With full directions.

$42 includes 5 Essential Oils packaged in a Handcrafted Tapestry Bag in an Umbrella pattern

   please read: Aromatherapy Treatments for Hayfever and Allergies  

  Culinary & Dietary Uses *

Zest up your holiday recipes and make every dinner, picnic, snack, beverage, desert or lunch delightfully aromatic.  Contains seven oils: Dill seed & weed, Ginger Root, Orange/Vanilla, Cumin, Spearmint, Black Pepper, Lemon/Lime (1-dram vials)

Especially valuable for weight loss!

$55 includes 7 Essential Oils packaged in a Handcrafted Tapestry Bag in a Fruit & Veggie pattern along with 2 flyers describing their use

   please read: COOKING WITH Essential Oils & Hydrosols©  


Holiday/Victorian Potpourri Kit*

Also known as "Holiday Scents"...boost the spirit of your parties and seasonal events with this kit.  The best way to chase away those holiday blues with Anise, Cinnamon, Gifts of the Magi, Christmas Fir, Cedarwood & Orange Peel!  Happy Holidays and special events from Jeanne Rose Aromatherapy!

$48 includes 6 Essential Oils packaged in a Handcrafted Tapestry Bag in a Santa & Teddy Bear Pattern



Aromatherapy for Home & Office/Brain Boost

Seven necessary oils useful to relieve most of the symptoms found in your stressful environment and also for Alzheimer's.  Includes a 3-page descriptive article for uses.

$52 includes 7 Essential Oils packaged in a Handcrafted Tapestry Bag in a
Southwestern pattern

   please read: Home & Office / Brain Boost / ALZHEIMER’S  


Have a Good Day Kit

The essential oils in these bottles are pure and undiluted. They are therapeutic and can be used by inhalation (straight from the bottle) or by application (a drop on the wrist and inhaled). These organically grown and pure oils can be added to your lotions and potions. Use only 5-10 drops per ounce of carrier to make a lovely application for skin. The blends are proprietary and are based on real science. #2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 can be taken internally.
Try 2 drops in a capsule with a glass of water. Try them today. .

Includes laminated card with full directions.

$72 includes 21 Essential Oils and Carrier Oils in these proprietary blends include Bergamot, Calendula infused oil, Chamomile-Blue, Chamomile-Roman, Christmas fir, Clary Sage, Elemi, Douglas-fir, Frankincense, Jasmine, Lavender, Lemon-green, Lemon-yellow, Olive, Orange-blood, Orange, Peppermint, Rose, Rosemary, Rosemary verbenone, Rosewood, Sage, Sunflower

References: Hum Psychopharm, Nat Prod Commun, Comm Dent Oral Epidem, J.Altern Complement Med, Psychogeriatrics, Phytomed.


   please read: Kids Essential Oils©  


Love & Romance Kit

Whether to increase personal sensual feeling, to attract a lover, for aromatherapy perfumery, or other creative endeavors, the Love & Romance Aromatherapy First Aid Kit™ is one you will adore!  Six of the most exotic and erotic essential oils priced at a very attractive rate!  Includes Rose abs + dis., Jasmine abs, Neroli, Ylang Ylang extra, Vanilla CO2, Lavender (organic) and Calendula.

$325 includes 6 Essential Oils plus Calendula Oil, in a Handcrafted Tapestry Bag in a Heart or Cupid Pattern 

   please read: An Aromatic Wedding©  


Meditation Kit

Aka "Scents of the Bible", the Meditation Kit contains pure essential oils distilled from resins of ancient plants that have been grown in the old world for thousands of years.  They have been particularly chosen for their ability to expand awareness, to calm your fears about future ordeals, for past-life regression.  Only 20 left in the world with these ancient oils!

$72 includes 6 1-dram vials of Pure Essential Oils packaged in a Handcrafted Tapestry Bag in an Moon & Stars pattern

cold & flu

   please read: Best Essential Oils & Herbs for Meditation©  

  Natural Perfumery Base/Accord & Book Kit

These 28 pure natural oils and accords are 3 ml each of 50•50 aromatics in organic neutral spirits. They include many exotic specials to train your senses to perceive odors. These can be used as already aged base or accord notes or simply to keep for training your senses. They are ready for you to use. Included is the Natural Perfumery Booklet.

$398 includes 28 vials of Pure Essential Oils in neutral spirits packaged in 3 Handcrafted Tapestry Bags in a delightful pattern or in a box.

   please read: Essential Flower Waxes  


Sports Relief *

Made with the toughest athletes in mind!  An item which belongs in every gym bag! Six of the best analgesic and anti-flammatory oils - includes Sage, Basil, Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens), Juniper Berry, Lemon & rare Blue Sage, Bruise Juice.  With full directions.

$52 includes 6 Essential Oils plus Bruise Juice, packaged in a Handcrafted Tapestry Bag in a Sports Pattern

   please read: Broken Ribs & Bruise Juice  


Stress Relief Kit *

President Clinton had one!  The Stress Relief First Aid Kit contains oils specifically for those of us with busy schedules and fast-paced lives.  Contains Ylang #1 oil as an aphrodisiac and for insomnia, to sooth aggression; Rosemary natural for jet lag and muscular aches and pains; Lavender terpene-free for relaxing, soothing, shaving burns, and any external irritations; Child-like Spearmint to inhale for relaxation, stimulating in the bath, refreshing to the skin, clarity of thought; and Bergamot to inhale for depression; plus Calendula oil.

$42 includes 5 Essential Oils, 1 infused oil for blending, packaged in a Handcrafted Tapestry Bag in a Butterfly Pattern

   please read: Stress Relief  


Travel & First-Aid Kit for Minor Emergencies *

Contains essential oils most likely to remedy a wide variety of common ailments. Melaleuca for all skin problems; Eucalyptus CT for all respiratory problems; Piperita for all intestinal or gastric distress and emotional states; Rosemary verbenone for physical or muscular problems; and Lavender for soothing.  A  laminated card tells how to use each oil.

$38 includes 5 Essential Oils packaged in a Handcrafted Tapestry Bag in a Travel Pattern

   please read: Travel & First-Aid with Essential Oils© ,
Aromatherapy with a First Aid Travel Kit

  Women's Care Kit *

Contains oils to help every woman's style as well as the common mood states of menopause: depression-dejection, anger-hostility, fatigue-inertia and tension-anxiety, confusion-bewilderment. Ylang Complete as an anti-depressant and sleep-inducer to reduce tension, anger; Pelargonium Rose as a stimulant to the adrenal cortex to reduce symptoms of menopause, stimulates the thyroid for weight-loss, and to treat fear, confusion and bewilderment; Chamomile/Lavender, the prime all-purpose women's oil for every condition; and a very special oil to ease depression, reduce hot flashes, help the new mother relax, soothe PMS symptoms. With rare rare Owyhee for mood swings plus Grapefruit & Clary Sage.

$52 includes 6 oils in a Handcrafted Tapestry Bag in a Rose Garden Pattern

     Woman's, Herbs & Aromatherapy: TREATMENTS FOR WOMEN
         by Jeanne Rose


 * These Six Kits for $260*
Includes: Cold & Flu Kit, Holiday/Victorian Potpourri Kit,
Sports Relief Kit, Stress Relief Kit,
Travel & First-Aid Kit for Minor Emergencies, Women's Care Kit


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Essential Oil Training Kits
  The following kits are Specialty Kits, they are Training Kits  to train people how to use the Specialty oils that are not available on the open market.

Advanced 28 Vocabulary of Odor© Kit

These 28 pure natural oils and accords are 3 ml each of 50•50 aromatics in organic neutral spirits. They include many exotic specials to train your senses to perceive odors and can be used as already aged base or accord notes in your natural botanical perfumery work. They are ready for you to use. Included is the Natural Perfumery Booklet and 25 sets of the work sheets for ease of use.

$388 includes 28 vials of Pure Essential Oils in neutral spirits packaged in a box or in 3 Handcrafted Tapestry Bags in a delightful pattern, the Natural Perfumery Workbook and worksheets.


Basic 7 ~ The Vocabulary of Odor©
For learning odor names, practicing blending or as a scent reference tool.  

Contains 7 blends of essential oils;
Floral, Fruity, Citrus, Green/Vegetative, Woody,
Herbaceous/Camphoraceous, Spicy.

Perfect tool for use by Blending Students.  $75.00
 please read: Basic 7 - The Vocabulary of Odor©


Blue Oils Kit

All anti-inflammatory, used for skin care, inhaled for asthma, relax strained muscles, relieve joint pain, reduces skin tags. Can include Blue Artemis Morocco, Blue Artemis Oregon, Blue Tansy, Blue Camomile, Blue Sage, Roman Camomile, Yellow Camomile, Blue Cypress and Blue Yarrow. No shipping charges if ordered with the home-study course. Packaged in a Handcrafted Tapestry Bag with Blue Skyline.

$365.00 includes 6 Blue Essential Oils packaged in a Handcrafted Tapestry Bag in a Blue Skyline over Beach pattern

$415.00 for 7 different Blue Oils.

$455.00 for all 8 different Blue Oils.

6 Blue
Essential Oils
7 Blue
Essential Oils
8 Blue
Essential Oils

 please read: The Blue Oils

  Citrus Kit (A Grove of Citrus)

I have a new kit in a tapestry bag. The bag has very orange florentine type flowers on it. The kit contains 20 different smelling citrus, several types from different countries. when you use a citrus, if you want the same scent every time, you have to remember to use the same variety of citrus and from the same country. The prices are vastly different from one Mandarin to another. This is a way to have a great variety of Citrus, learn the odors and be able to choose in a thoughtful manner.
Red Mandarin
Green Mandarin
Yellow Mandarin
Blood Orange
CA orange
Florida Orange
Dancy Tangerine
Calif. Tangerine
Lime Distilled
Grapefruit, white
Grapefruit, pink
Combava Petitgrain
Petitgrain Bigarade
Italian Petitgrain
Lemon Brazil
Green Lemon

$130 for all 20 citrus. "Some of the citrus may change depending on what is available"


   please read: Citrus Kit (A Grove of Citrus)  


Conifer Kit (A Forest of Evergreen)

A Forest of Evergreens is in this kit. 20 different delightful airy and earthy conifers to show you the world of forest odors from the most airy needle oils to the most pungent earthy or woody trunk notes. 20 specially selected oils. Comes with a full sheet of conifer information.

$130 packaged in a handcrafted Tapestry Bag in a Conifer Forest pattern




  Lavender Kit (A Worlds Tour of Lavenders)

Includes five specially selected Lavender essential oils from around the world plus two Lavender Hydrosols!  Which will be your favorite?

$52 packaged in a Handcrafted Tapestry Bag in a Lavender Harvest pattern

   please read: Relaxing with Lavender  

  Marjoram/Oregano Kit (Mystery Oils Unraveled)

Let us start out with the fact that all plants called Marjoram are in the Oregano group, but not all Oreganos are Marjorams or even Thymes. Learn the difference with these 8 different oils with very different odors and uses. Comes with a sheet of new information.

$75 packaged in a Handcrafted Tapestry Bag in an Herbal pattern.



   please read: Is it Thyme or Marjoram or Oregano?
                    Mysterious Marjoram

  Rose’s Kit (5 Spectacular Rose Oils)

These four special Rose oils include three absolutes and one attar or distilled oil. They come from four Rose growing areas of Bulgaria, Turkey, France and Morocco plus one hydrosol from California. They are in 5 1-dram vials of 2 mls each Rose oil and 2 mls of neutral grape spirits.


   please read: Rose Oil: The many faces of a scent  

  Rosemary Chemotype Kit

Rosmarinus officinalis has several chemotypes: Borneol, Camphor, Verbenone, Cineole, Pinene and CO2. They help overcome fatigue and infections; or act as a decongestant; or for lung congestion; for Respiratory applications; some with a scent is herbaceous or fruity or green; for skin care; and one especially for great Rosemary Garlic bread. The “Row of Rosemary” training kit has 6 different chemotypes in 1-dram vial with lots of information


 please read: Rosemary Chemotypes - What is a Chemotypes?
                    Rosemary Oil - Essential Oil Profile

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