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Jeanne Rose Aromatherapy Books

Natural (Botanical) Perfumery
Advanced Perfumery & Exotics Workbook

This advance perfumery workshop book (150 pages) is used alongside the basic text and lists Alcohol Producers, techniques, many perfume themes, succussion, 150 scents we work with, advanced vocabulary of odor, methods of extraction, aromatic personalities, perfume families and formulas and much more. A 25-page Natural Perfumery Supplement lists additional information for 200 separate perfume odors. Use with 375 Essential Oils & Hydrosols.

Hippie Chic
Jeanne Rose Autobiography 1965-1971
by Jeanne Rose

Order now for June 7 delivery.

A short bibliography of my life, this 60-image PowerPoint is a synopsis of my days from 1965-1971 as “Jeanne, The Tailor” a coutourière for the Rock and Roll world of the mid- late 60s. It includes the companion text that goes into more detail of those great days.

Regular Price: $55 for both parts.
Includes shipping and California tax

(PREORDER $45 by check until June 7, 2017)

    Copper Stills and
Essential Oils
    Herbal Knowledge

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The Aromatherapy Book
by Jeanne Rose

"Few contemporary herbalists have made as many respected contributions to herbal literature as Jeanne Rose.  This herbal entrepreneur and teacher has been at the forefront of the modern herbal renaissance since she began writing herb books twenty years ago."

Kate Carter Frederick, author of The Herb Companion


AVAILABLE Now IS the New PowerPoint Presentation of
The (Aromatic) History of the Use of Essential Oils

by Jeanne Rose

This amazing duo includes a PowerPoint presentation combined with a 37-page lecture book with both history and background of common herbs described. Discover the history behind Essential Oils going all the way back to 3000 B.C. and before. This presentation works for small introductory classes as well as in-depth classes. The pictures are amazing and beautiful. Be the first teacher to show this beautiful slide show and presentation. The lecture book lets you determine the level of your presentation. All who teach essential oils, aromatherapy or aromatic history can use this presentation. (Great for teachers and students as well.)


Ritual by Jeanne Rose  "NEW"

Ritual has used Essential oils, the mysterious, aromatic Fluids that only Nature Creates, since the ancient Times in the quest for spiritual growth and Knowledge.

What is Ritual? What is Magic?
Beneficial magic is that which makes us wish to become a better person • by thinking and reacting to our own positive thought.

Learn to use these ideas for guidance, meditation and grounding; learn how to use essential oils to empower you on your magical journey. The book includes a basic discussion of ritual and how to use essential oils to further the vital element of creativity in ritual.


by Michael Klassen

The misunderstood subculture that changed the way we live and generate billions of dollars in the process.

"There are many books about the 'Hippies' of San Francisco mostly written by people who were not there and did no research to find out. 50 years ago, I was there as the 'Rock n Roll coutouriere' and as a real and informed part of this subculture. Read about me and the original hippies and what we did and how our impact is felt to this day."

$26 - you will not be charged for S&H and it will be come autographed..


SPA Booklet (Salve per Aqua)
A Seminar by Jeanne Rose

A collection of Jeanne's personal SPA information and formulas.

Everything you need to know about skin, salt, water, hydrosols, essential oils, herbs for the skin and body and to make your own products. Have you ever wondered why some women have such wonderful complexions? Would you like to learn how to make your products and to treat skin like a queen? Essential oils have a profound ability to penetrate the skin and can have a very rejuvenating affect. Read this booklet for salt, water, and care and treatment of the skin.


375 Essential Oils And Hydrosols
by Jeanne Rose

"Jeanne Rose does it again, detailing the aromatic world in a new light!  In this book she combines ancient and modern biochemical knowledge with decades of her own hands-on involvement in aroma and body products, natural cosmetics, and medicines to make a wonderful whole."

James A. Duke, Ph.D., ethnobotanist, USDA;
Director of Duke's Herbal Vineyard, Fulton, MD


Blending Essential Oils for Healing Workbook

This workshop book is an introduction to Blending Essential Oils (EOs) for therapeutic purposes and for perfumery. Information regarding tools and resources provided, and included are material lists and instructions for setting up a basic "laboratory." 45 essential oils are used and 10 major exercises are explained and detailed. Major topics covered will be the Vocabulary of Odor©, odor classification, smelling techniques, blending techniques, synergy and information, Classification of Notes, Scent & Psyche, Various Formulas and basic Perfumery. 130 pages. Use along with The Aromatherapy Book.

Herbs & Things
by Jeanne Rose

2nd Edition - (Spiral Bound)

The premier herbal that started the New Age (new & old) interest in the herbal wisdom of the past.  A compendium of practical and exotic herbal lore.
(in NEW "Retro" Green & Purple Cover!)


     I found a copy of  Herbs & Things in a book store 12 years ago and you have been my favorite and most
trusted herb reference since. I now own all of your books and my husband and I really benefit from your wonderful ingenuity.
     Thank you so much for sharing your love of herbs and herb lore to help others understand that they need not spend hundreds nor take harsh chemicals to attain health.
     You are truly a great woman and your legacy is amazing. I only pray your children carry on all that you have taught!
Thank you, from every ounce of my heart! -- SS 3/07

Herbal Body Book

Herbal Body Book
by Jeanne Rose

A second edition, here is the book that takes over where "Herbs & Things" leaves off.  This book is the second in the Jeanne Rose Herbal Series*, covering the plants that are used externally for a healthy, natural and beautiful body. The recipes cover caring for the face, hair and body perfect for aromatherapists and casual users alike.

*The Jeanne Rose Herbal Series consists of 4 books; Herbs & Things, Herbal Body Book, Herbal Guide to Food and The Aromatherapy Book.


Jeanne Rose's Herbal Guide to Food
by Jeanne Rose

"Moderation in all of these things' is the sensible song Jeanne Rose sings.  Here is a wealth of wisdom and witticism from the grande dame of herbalism."
James A. Duke, Ph.D., ethnobotanist, USDA;Dir. of Duke's Herbal Vineyard, Fulton, MD

(Now Spiral Bound Only)

"San Francisco's Herb Queen!"
Elizabeth Mehren, The Washington Post


Jeanne Rose's Kitchen Cosmetics
by Jeanne Rose

"A splendid little book with beautiful illustrations.  It's extremely well-designed and printed.  It's exactly the way to interest someone like you and me in the 'old receipts'!"

M.F.K. Fisher


The Modern Herbal by Jeanne Rose

(spiral bound) Twelve Chapters covering twelve subjects never before discussed in print.  Includes home care, child care, puberty, aromatherapy, colortherapy, homeopathy and first aid.  A lovely chart for treatments of common problems.  This is a wonderful book.


Aromatherapy Treatments by Jeanne Rose

Learn how to treat a condition. No, a drop of oil won't work but a full treatment protocol just might. Consultations were my life work and I wrote up Treatment protocols. This is up for sale. I only have a few copies of each. $200 each or $305 for the pair.



For Pair

History of Herbs & Herbalism

Five thousand years of herbal wisdom and practice in forty pages.

 Includes important peoples in the field of herbal medicine.  

Velo-bound. (Also part of HSC)


lavender booklet Lavender Lavender Lavender Booklet

All sorts of great information about Lavender...from growing, cultivating, using to skin care.

by Jeanne Rose

$17.95 Sadly out of print.


Hydrosols© & Aromatic Waters
A Collection of Data
All About Hydrosols & Their Distillation
17 years of collected data and information.

by Jeanne Rose


A How-to Booklet

now available

by Jeanne Rose


for more information
(415) 564-6337


Women's Health Care
A Guide to Alternatives
Kay Weiss, Editor 

This book was written in response to the need of women to have a forum in which to express their concerns about the dangers of currently accepted medical treatment, and to present safer alternatives to the often painful and perilous technological medicine


A Certification Level I of Aromatherapy


Clean, Green, Living in Scent
By Jeanne Rose

Clean, green, Living in Scent by Jeanne Rose. The booklet includes learning to detect odors, Vocabulary of Odor©, sample odor profiles, history of aromatherapy, green and clean living with scent, how to make things and more.


Aromatic Chemistry & Botany

Level II - Advanced
A Class booklet by Jeanne Rose for Aromatherapy Practitioners
Includes Business and Ethics

This is the information for a class and course by Jeanne Rose for Aromatherapy Practitioners or those who wish to learn more about aromatic chemistry. The booklet is more than 80 pages and includes Basic Botany, Chemistry and focuses on aromatics and essential oil molecules, a treatment protocol, toxicity myths and Business and Ethics for practitioners. There is information for all, and includes all sorts of delicious and important information between the facts..


50 Essential Oils
by Jeanne Rose

Here are 50+ Therapeutic &/or Little-Used/Forgotten Oils and 25 New Hydrosols.
Profiles and extra information is included. Most of these oils and hydrosols are
little-known but with much therapeutic value.

$50.00 $25.00

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Aromatherapy Chart

A beautiful chart, 16x20 inches with floral background.  Shows how to coordinate various therapies for healing, including aromatherapy, colortherapy, chakra therapy, crystal therapy, plant therapy and a short discussion on how these may be used together for healing.



This Level 1 Basic course will include
1) The Aromatherapy Book
2) 25 Essential Oil Profiles
3) 1 study guide
4) 1 100-question final

REQUIREMENTS To complete the course:
Finish & pass the final, 10 cases on self or family and create 1 sample product
(lotion, salve, balm, hand cream, massage oil blend for skin or therapy)


Jeanne Rose Aromatherapy Studies Course

Jeanne Rose

by Correspondence

Intermediate/Advanced for Practitioner Status -
includes two book


Jeanne Rose Herbal Studies Course

Jeanne Rose
by Home Study


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