Owyhee Essential Oil

At the recent East West Conference held in San Francisco, Jeanne Rose introduced the Owyhee Essential Oil and Hydrosol that Aromatic Plant Project members have known for at least five years. There was a great deal of interest in this wonderful smelling substance from Artemisia ludoviciana type latiloba CT Esters. It is soothing and sedating and makes a great substitute for Roman Chamomile. What people need to understand is that to introduce a new product, the grower must know in advance the desirability of the essential oil and how much to plant.  

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Artemisia ludoviciana -Owyhee (skin care, perfumery, relaxing and fruity).
Essential Oil is $12 per dram (4 ml).
Hydrosol is $25/quart

Wholesale Information: Hydrosol available Prima Fleur 415/455-0957
Artemisia arborescens - Blue Artemis (skin tags, skin cancer, skin disease, Rosacea).
Essential Oil is $40 per dram (4 ml).

Hydrosol is now available $25/pint.
Artemisia douglasiana - Blue Sage essential oil and Blue Sage hydrosol is available.

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