Best Essential Oils & Herbs

For Care of the Massage or Inhalation
by Jeanne Rose

Essential Oils

Uses of the Essential Oil

Herbs Uses of the Herbs


Scent of Angels

inhale- anorexia, asthma, lung, digestive stimulant, for heart,  add to perfume and for holy thought

                               Perfumery Kit

Angelica root or seed

Angelica archangelica

Root as candied sweetmeat, tea for women, or skin care, and dieting



Oil of Children Healing

soothes, calms, ease depression, used to heal wounds and all-around uses as anti-inflammatory.

Woman's & Kids kits

Chamomile/Lavender flowers;

M. recutita/L. angustifolia

body care, skin & hair; tea for calming and soothing temper.



Oil of Ritual

Inhale for insomnia, nerves, used in perfumery and ritual.

Perfumery Kit

Labdanum resin

Cistus ladanifer

Used as a fixative  in perfumery and Chypre scents.

Clary Sage


Oil of Euphoria

eases depression, soothes PMS; 3rd Chakra

Woman's kit

Clary Sage tops

Salvia sclarea

baths, aromatic astringent, skin tonic



Oil for Sports

for all  physical & muscular needs, analgesic, diuretic, astringent      

Sports kit

Cypress leave & Juniper berry C. sempervirens/Juniperus communis baths, infused oils, rubs, cosmetics, hair, aromatic astringent



Oil of the Spirit

skin tonic, inhale for meditation, grief, fear, calm psyche, awakens higher conscious, protection; 7th Chakra

             Meditation Kit

Frankincense resin

Boswellia carteri

incense burned as protection from evil


rejuvenates skin; inhale to harmonize  and balance psyche; 4th Chakra

Meditation Kit

Galbanum resin

Ferula galbaniflua

incense and for Pounce (to prepare paper for writing)



Oil of Beauty

adrenal inhalant, emotional care,

menstrual care, skin care.

                            Woman's kit 

Geranium flowers & tops; Pelargonium  graveolens body care, astringent, baths, hair, skin



Oil of Universal Use

calming, and soothing

Home & Office, Love & Romance, Stress Relief Kits

Lavender flowers

Lavandula spp.

teas and baths, skin soother, cooking, all-around uses



Oil of Astringency

cools emotions, calms fears, heal  gums, astringent; 5th Chakra

Holiday or Meditation Kits

Myrrh resin

Commiphora molmol

incense,  smoke expands awareness



Oil of Prosperity

perfume fixative,  apply to forehead  to relieve congestion

Perfumery Kit

Oakmoss resin

Evernia prunastri

ancient royal plant, incense to increase cash flow



Oil of Peace

nerve soother, anti-depressant, eases confusion, seductive, warm 

 Meditation Kit

Patchouli leaves

Pogostemon patchouli

bug repellent, baths, rejuvenation, deodorant



Oil of the Heart & Peace

Otto for ingestion as a  heart  tonic, absolute for application in all needs of the heart,  for peace; skin care; 1st and 4th Chakra

Love & Romance Kit

Rose flowers

Rosa centifolia  and  other species

Rose buds for potpourri, rose hips for vitamin C, Rose for the skin




Oil of Stimulation

hair care, massage oils; inhale for memory,  anti-aging; many uses; 6th Chakra.

Travel; Colds &Flu, and Home&Office Kit

Rosemary tops

Rosmarinus officinalis

stimulating tea, anti-aging, for memory, baths, skin care



Oil of Ancient Woods

aphrodisiac, inhale  to open 3rd  eye, stimulating and grounding, take to clear  kidneys and urine

Perfumery Kit

Sandalwood wood

Santalum   spicata

potpourri and baths, tea as antiseptic, tonic, mild  stimulant



The Woman's Oil

women's oil, balancing, harmonious, regulator of heart and blood circulation; powerful addition  to all rituals.                 

Meditation Kit

Spikenard root

Nardostachys  jatamansi

ointment used as ancient purifier, herb generally not available



Oil of Newe Worlde

cooking, add to all perfumes for romance, in massage oils for impotence, calming to 1st Chakra;  balances 2nd Chakra

Love & Romance Kit

Vanilla pod

Vanilla  planifolia

cooking, with Chocolate as drink of Kings,  infused  as massage oil for love.



Oil of Eroticism

aphrodisiac, euphoric, stress, soothe anger and  pain

Woman's, Love & Romance Kit

Ylang-Ylang flowers

Cananga odorata

wear in hair, fragrance the house


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