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Essential Oil and What part of plant it comes from

Emotion or Psychological Effects

Uses and Results of Using the oil.



Lavender from the flowers

For agitation, to prevent stress eating. Helps

positive feeling, very calming, mood-brightening, returns enthusiasm

Stress remedy, stress or headache, skin calming and restful, balancing of mood, lessens pain, reduces redness, irritation, heals skin breakout and used for all skin irritations.

Eucalyptus from the leaves

Creates energized, upbeat feeling. Association with cool streams, mountain air, I diffuse it just because I like the smell.

With Peppermint (Mentha x piperita) in a diffuser.

Will relieve a headache, relieve sinus congestion, helps to clear stuffy nose due to cold/allergy, helps a child to sleep especially with Lavender. Can stop cough due to postnasal drip.

Lavender or sweet

Lavandin from the flowers

I use Lavender so often, in so many ways. It is a "convincer" oil for those who are skeptical about the power of essential oils. It is the all-use oil for children

For burns, hurts, scratches, all sorts of irritations or skin care. All-purpose, all uses. The results of using a good quality Lavender oil will be a positive outcome.

Peppermint from the tops of the herb

This is so useful for the skin, for a sleepless night when it is hot, in a respiratory blend, to cool off. Energizing, refreshing, comforting, invigorating.

Respiratory blend, cooling spray for hot or humid days and sunburn, footbath after playing all day, inhaled for headache, inhaled for to soothe angry feelings or in an insomnia compress. Really works beautifully and quickly with Eucalyptus, Refreshing, cooling, takes away redness, pain of sunburn, pain abates, cools a hot head. uplifting and takes the edge off the anger

Rosemary verbenone comes from the tops of the herb

Stimulating, anti-aging, wakes you up and helps to keep the mind  “on track”.

Massage oil with Chamomile/Lavender) and tired muscles, scalp treatment with Tea Tree and Calendula infused oil. Use it for sore muscles, scalp treatment, thinning hair remedy for black friend who straightens her hair with harsh chemicals. Vary oils by replacing with E. globulus. Very effective! Scalp treatment for hair and the hair will be thicker and more abundant. Hair breaks off less at the scalp and is much shinier.


from the root

This cooling refreshing, earthy scent has an association of peat moss or rich loamy soil. New green life from Spikenard. Its spiritual associations are very strong.

Add to the Lavender ointment and works well with Tea Tree for all children use. The combination of this oil with Galbanum and Lavender really nixed the psoriasis on my elbows. My father is using it with excellent results on an unidentified "scaly patch."

Tea Tree from the leaf

What did you do before Tea Tree? The scent grows on you and has a "good-for-what-ails-you" quality.

Use it on everything, bug bites, scratches, scrapes, animals, zits, black and blue marks, to forestall a toothache. Instantly ends itching of bug bites, takes the pain off scrapes, sooths doggy eczema, speeds up the dissolving of bruises, heals zits with Lavender. Good for removal of splinters too, as it is analgesic and antiseptic.

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