January 27, 2003 - Wolfie went to sleep today, 3:45 pm

I took her to go to sleep, I feel like a traitor, she loved me, she trusted me.

Yesterday, Sunday, she fell down and couldn't get up

After the Super Bowl, I found poop leading outside and then a pile where she had fallen in it.

She was listing to the side and her spindle cell tumor was bigger and covered with poop

She all of a sudden looked really bad

She smells funny, she looks surprised at her condition

Monday morning at about 4 a.m. she struggled and struggled to get up

I helped her up and led her out

But she wouldn't, couldn't,  get down the stairs

Later at about 9 a.m. Alan carried her down the stairs - she cried and cried out in pain

She walked around and around the yard, investigating, limping, listing to the side.

I called the Pet Hospital but couldn't speak

Amber spoke to them and made the appointment for 3:20 pm

Time dragged. I petted her. She slept. I talked to her. She slept. Bryan says she is tired.

She looked sick, she did not look good

I helped her to her feet and after awhile, I walked her down the carpeted front stairs

She had to be carried down the wooden stairs, Alan helped again.

We lifted her into the car. She cried and cried again.

Amber and I walked her around near Stow Lake.  She was real slow and tottery.

The we went to the Hospital.

They gave us a room. We cried and she cried.

The vet came in and couldn't get a needle in her arm - she screamed in pain

Tears of mine dripped on her head, the vet looked up and said they would use a butterfly

They took her away and put a butterfly in her left front leg using a very small needle.

She is just like me and doesn't like big needles.

She came back in the room. The vet came in.

He said that she would go quick and maybe just lose her footing.

He inserted the needle with the pink fluid.

Within moments, she looked dazed, lost her footing. We laid her on her right side. Her eyes dilated.

They left. Amber and I stayed. Amber kissed her face, we petted her. Her fur is so soft.

I tried to close her eyes, they won't close,

they lost their sweet blue color and got cloudy and gray.

Little muscles twitched in her mouth and around her eyes.

She got cold, limp. That big tumor, the fur around it had pulled away. It was bad, really bad.

Sweet Wolfie is asleep. She is gone now. 16+ years is over.

We stayed a long time and watched her, petted her. Amber kissed her face again.

They struggled to get her in the litter, and carried her out, she was limp.

I hope she knows that I loved her. That we all love her. Maybe she is with Sumo!

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