QUESTION: What is Aromatherapy?
A. The use of essential oils and hydrosols to promote personal health.
B. Description of distillation. The act of distillation is an art that enables the invisible to become visible.
          Essential oil the invisible scent of the plant, only visible in its liquid form
          Hydrosol the non-alcoholic fragrant plant distillate, with taste, fragrance and perfect
          acidity for the human skin
C. Importance of pure, essential oils and hydrosols from plants environmental, ecological and help for the land.

QUESTION: How are these essential oils and hydrosols used?
A. Inhalation
          1. Limbic System
          2. Chemical Composition (i.e., Eucalyptus oil by inhalation for respiratory system)
          3. Diffusers, inhalation by hankie, room purifiers
B. Application - Physical
          1. Massage, Body & Skin Care, Perfumes, and Medicinal & First Aid preparations
          2. Astringent, anti-bacterial, antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, warming, cooling, aphrodisiac
C. Applications - Mental
          1. for health, well-being, or simply adding to the sensual experiences of life
D. Ingestion/Internal
          1. In capsules
          2. Bolus or suppository

QUESTION: Is it necessary to see an aromatherapist to receive aromatherapy treatment?
A. While essential oils and hydrosols can be effectively used by the layperson, it is in fact both a specific science and a deeply complex art.
          1. Holistic nature of aromatherapy- treats the entire person
          2. Synergies are not necessarily blends

QUESTION: What kind of training is needed to be an aromatherapist?
A. No legal standards of training, most aromatherapists licensed in other fields.
B. APP is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to the local production of quality essential oils and hydrosols and to the development of high standards of aromatherapy teaching and practice. It is a good resource for ethical teachers. APP and other organizations are currently developing standards for aromatherapy certification.

QUESTION: Where can listeners get more information about aromatherapy?
          1. Aromatic News, please call 877/966-4227 or see the newsletter of The Aromatic Plant Project, 
          2. Articles on the Aromatic News area of the Aromatic Plant Project website.
          3. The World of Aromatherapy $18.95

B. My own books
          1. The Aromatherapy Book: Applications & Inhalations sells for $19.95
          2. Herbs & Aromatherapy for the Reproductive System $7.95.
          3. 375 Essential Oils and Hydrosols, $17.95
          4. The World of Aromatherapy $18.95

Information about APP or any of the books I mentioned is available by calling 1-415/564-6785 or going on-line to or

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