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Herbal & Aromatherapy Studies Courses

Think of being a good witch in SALEM. This mnemonic will help you to remember all you need to do to get well.


Supplements – Investigate and incorporate the proper supplements. Survey what is out there and what you need to do. Learn the names and the dosage. Give it time to work – at least a year.


Attitude, Alternative Treatments and Aromatic health – Change your attitude, watch cartoons, play with toys, use the alternative treatments, Dream therapy or Visualization, herbs, and add Aromatic essential oils to your regime.
L Lifestyle Changes – Maybe you should eat at 6 am instead of noon, add breakfast, eat early dinner at least 3 hours before bedtime, stop smoking and drinking, get rid of enabling people, and make sure your bed is clean and comfy.
E Exercise – Enroll in a rehab program and go – regularly. When your insurance is up, go again and pay for it yourself.
M Medication Consistency - Learn about your meds, and take them when you are supposed too. Meditation too.

Get well, be well, stay well. … Jeanne Rose’s motto

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