Conifers (Latin binomials)
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     As you can see there are many names for the different Conifer oils. Sometimes there is the same name for different types of Conifers. In aromatic therapy, there is this confusion as well. Even the best companies that sell essential oil have conflicting names for these evergreen trees. However, we will do our best to list all the Conifers and list the uses of the ones that are most prevalent in aromatherapy. Only those * are represented in the Conifer kit. We do Aromatherapy Certification classes in which the Conifers are thoroughly explored.



Latin Binomial -
Where the Oil is collected from
Common Name Other Notes & Uses
1. Abies Alba - Needle White Fir Antiseptic
Inhaled for respiratory problems
2.* Abies Balsamea - Needle Canada Balsam Fir Antiseptic
Inhaled for respiratory problems
3.* Abies Balsamea - Wood Canada Balsam Fir Wood Used externally for muscular aches and pains
4.* Abies Grandis - Needle Christmas Fir Perfumery
In room Scenting
Inhaled for respiratory problems;
5.* Abies Siberica - Needle East Asia Siberian-Pine Inhaled as antispasmodic
Used for Bronchitis and asthma
6.* Cedrus Atlantica - Wood (pale yellow) Atlas Cedar External for alopecia
Inhale for respiratory
Male oil and scent
7.* Cedrus Atlantica - Wood (deep gold) Atlas Cedar External for alopecia
Inhale for respiratory
Male Oil
Deeper the color, better the quality
8. Cedrus Deodora - Wood Temple Cedar External for alopecia
Inhale for respiratory
Male Oil
Deeper the color, better the quality
9.* Picea Mariana - Needle Black Spruce Inhaled as adrenal stimulant and respiratory cleanser
10.* Pinus Palustris - Wood/Kosher USA Long-leaf Pine Powerful antiseptic spray and disinfectant
Externally for arthritis
11.* Pinus Sylvestris - Needle Hungary Scotch Pine Hormone-like properties
Inhaled for respiratory as a tonic
For asthma and bronchitis
12.* Pseduotsuga Douglasiana - Needle Douglas-Fir Lemon-like Scent
Inhaled and applied for respiratory problems
13. Tsuga Canadensis - Needle Canadian Hemlock 1 drop a day taken internally for health
Inhaled for respiratory health


14. Callitris Intratropica - Wood Blue Cypress External first aid remedry (use like Tea Tree)
15.* Cupressus Sempervirens - Needle Spain Cypress Anti-infectious
Decongests veins
Use with Witch Hazel and Calendula for varicose veins
16.* Juniperus Communis - Berry India Juniper Berry Expectorant
Indicated for bronchitis and rheumatism
17.* Juniperus Communis - Berry Italy Juniper Berry Expectorant
Indicated for bronchitis and rheumatism
18.* Juniperus Virginiana - Wood USA Virginia-Cedar Used externally for hemorrhoids
Hydrosol useless for cleaning
19.* Thuja Occidentalis - Needle USA Eastern-Cedar Leaf Air Cleanser
Respiratory help
Mucolytic and wound cleanser

*Indicates that these are included in the Confier Kit.



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